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TP-LINK to unveil ‘Upgrade your WiFi Network Campaign’ for GITEX Shopper

According to TP-LINK, this year the company will also support its retail partners at the show.

TP-LINK added that it has decided to use GITEX Shopper this year to unveil the ‘Upgrade your WiFi Network Campaign’ because it would like to raise awareness and help consumers to adopt its latest networking technology and products.

The company said it will run targeted end user marketing campaigns on radio, sms, social media, dedicated consumer websites and other platforms to reach out to a wider audience across the region with the campaign.

Lucas Jiang, country manager, TP-LINK Middle East and Africa (MEA), said: ‘The company is delighted to have again teamed up with all its retail partners that are participating at GITEX Shopper 2016, where we are showcasing and promoting the latest technology and products.

Jiang said throughout the show which starts on 29th March to 2nd April 2016, TP-LINK will be showcasing the latest technology in routers, range extender, 4G and 3G mobile WiFi, IP Cameras and Powerline products.

Jiang explained that in addition to the latest products and accessories range that the company is offering jointly with retail partners, there are new products that were unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. ‘Following the recent unveiling of the Talon AD7200 Multi-band WiFi router based on 802.11ad wireless technology, the company has moved very quickly to start raising awareness around this new technology because  TP-LINK is the first SOHO and SMB networking vendor in the world to introduce routers based on 802.11ad technology,’ he said. ‘We want to use GITEX Shopper to raise awareness on the advantages of our ad router technology.’

Jiang said in 2016, TP-LINK will be going flat out to identify markets where it will have people on the ground to nurture partner alliances and develop the business further. ‘We will be supporting all our distribution, reseller and retail partners with enhanced training programmes and channel road shows and through such events like GITEX Shopper,’ he said.

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