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Telecoms Bundles for Start-ups

Once you have got your fledgling business off the ground and have put all of your heart and soul into building a client base and finding a suitable space to call home, the next step will be to organise your infrastructure and maximise your office environment.

Most of the time this requires endless companies supplying different parts of your network – one for your telephones, one for the internet and yet another to pull it altogether. Getting all of these from individual suppliers can actually cost a fortune for the privilege. And if you’re looking at ways to save time and money whilst your business is growing, this itself can become a job. Overspending in certain areas can bring big financial problems further down the line if not addressed quickly.

It is common to negotiate for your broadband, mobile phones, calls, phone lines and maintenance separately. This means paying at least five individual bills to companies and then have to chase them one by one for any repairs, credits and downtime; you end up paying them a fortune for very little in return.

However, there are options out there for small and medium enterprises alike to make the whole process less stressful and cost-effective at the same time. Companies such as Network Telecom provide bespoke packages based on the customer’s needs. Using a series of key questions, they gain a detailed understanding of your business, its challenges and needs, both now and for the future. This enables Network Telecom and similar companies access to wholesale rates which allows them to cut out the middle-man and pass the savings directly onto the customer, ie your business.

This saves you company from having a contract with five separate providers, which can prove to be extremely expensive. Consolidating the services not only helps you save money, but additional benefits include lots of features that aren’t often offered by basic suppliers.

Benefits such as Computer Telephone Integration is a great way of managing your telephone via your PC; enabling voicemails and missed calls to be chased up immediately. On-Hold Marketing won’t usually be offered by standard telephone service providers but this can be a vital tool for your business to continue to sell whilst customers are on hold. Call Reporting and Call Recording are systems that are provided by Network Telecom that wouldn’t usually be by a standard provider. This can enable your company be hot on the tail of any potential leads as well as referring back to previous conversations to ensure you have the right information which in turn enables you to make the right decisions.

Choosing a telecoms bundle rather than individual suppliers can save you money, time and gives you some great features to help grow your business.

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