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Storefront Success – 6 Tips For Making Your Store More Inviting

There’s no cut-and-dry method for creating an intriguing store front. There are many considerations you will need to make, including figuring out your intended customer base, and which customers you’d like to encourage more of.

Below are six solid tips to help your store draw customers.

Light It Up

Like most forms of promotion, your advertising doesn’t have to stop at the front door.

Lightboxes add a pop of bright familiarity to your displays and signage, giving your customers an eye-drawing, unique image of what your business has in store for them. Not only do these pieces stand out in the distance, they bring out the details, highlights and colours that make up the standout features of your branding. Lightboxes are inexpensive to run and maintain, making them a smart and reusable advertising medium.

A Sign of Success

One of the most important parts of distinguishing yourself as a memorable, trusted brand is maintaining consistent promotion that reflects your image. While a simple poster or piece of writing may give potential customers some indication of your service, they don’t offer much in the way of making a statement.

In the eye of a customer, everything from your typography, colours and design work to give them a more comprehensive understanding of who you are as a business. This means that finding the right style to suit your target demographic is vital for drawing attention from the people you are hoping to attract.

Window Dressing

An effective window display is an artform commonly referred to as ‘visual merchandising’.

Those in the know employ techniques of the trade (such as displaying multiples of items – it signifies importance) to drive window shoppers inward.

If you’re not up to date on aesthetics or technique, hire a professional.

A professional visual merchandiser can teach you much about visual communication. For a nominal fee they can help you to communicate a story to your customers which impels them to enter your store and explore.

Plantation Fascination

Plants and greenery do more for your store than adding a sheen of eco-awareness.

They create a calmer, more inviting environment separate from the most sterile and typical of stores. They also freshen the air and help to make the store feel more connected to its surroundings – which is important in the context of ubiquitous shopping centres which are both stagnant and generically decorated. Plants can help people to feel more at ease and at home in your store – leading to repeat customers and greater foot traffic.

Be Streetwise

A well-placed and well-designed A-frame street sign can be the difference between a customer who walks past and a customer who walks in. A-frame signs are the capital A shaped signs which often sit on the footpath or street outside retail premises.

An effective A-frame sign is a call-to-action – it tells potential customers a little about the store without using too many words or without being visually confusing. An example could be a sandwich bar: an A-frame image of a sandwich with a well-marked price and specialty would be the perfect amount of imagery and words to convey the crux of the business. As always, presentation matters.

 Cohesive Curation

Imagine a museum or an art gallery with paintings and exhibits neatly displayed to convey a story or a particular movement/moment in time. An intriguing, inviting store should give that same feeling.

Think about your use of light, your colour pallette and the story you want to tell.

Your colour pallette should be tailored towards the intended outcome of your store – so do your research. If you’re a food vendor, certain colours can trigger hunger or thirst. If you’re a bookseller, certain colours convey information and calm. Work with colour to tell the story you want to tell.

Any store which wants to create and maintain a customer base will have to constantly update its aesthetic and engage with its clientele. A store that engages with its customers and changes according will be more successful now, and well into the future.

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