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Quiet Disruption – 5 Little Known Software Technologies That Are Making a Big Impact

We live in an age where it is almost impossible to keep track of change.

The world of technology is evolving at a breathtaking pace and is impacting virtually every aspect of our lives. We are all familiar with the truly groundbreaking developments that have revolutionised life as we know it: Facebook, Uber, Paypal, just to name a few. However, here are a few truly exciting technologies that are making a big impact in their niche, but that you might never have hear about:

The construction industry is rife with issues and inefficiencies.

Industrial relations issues, corruption and huge market power vested in a small number of behemoth corporations have made it more and more difficult for smaller players to succeed. It is no wonder that it has one of the highest rates of insolvency of any industry. focuses on the issue of managing progress payments for completed work on construction projects to ensure that subcontractors get paid fairly and on-time, while construction companies can quickly and easily manage their progress payment schedule. With this major frustration out of the way, tradespeople and contractors alike can focus on what really matters: the build.


Creating an app can be an expensive and complicated experience for any company, yet we all know how convenient and helpful some apps can be for our lives and businesses. So how to balance out needs versus costs?

Mendix have come up with an intuitive, easy to implement solution that businesses can use to create apps to streamline internal business processes. Companies and government bodies all over the world have used it to make enormous gains in productivity and save on development costs.


User experience has fast become recognised as the holy grail of digital development. Getting the UX right can be the difference between success and failure, especially for mobile apps. Appee have developed a deceptively simple tool that allows app managers and developers to obtain crucial user feedback directly from users while they are inside the app itself. The seamless user interface has delivered average response rates of over 80%, which is far higher than other methods such as email or online surveys.


Utilising the power of beacon technology, GPShopper gives retailers the ability to communicate directly with customers and potential customers directly through their mobile phones. By sending messages regarding deals and campaigns to targeted devices as they come into proximity of their stores, or directing them to the best buys while they are in-store, some of the major names in retail, such as Best Buy, North Face and others are already seeing huge increases in sales. In the age of online shopping, this technology is giving smart retailers the competitive edge.

Hello World

Gamification has long been a powerful buzzword in marketing and the online world has opened countless opportunities to harness this strategy to gain new customers and retain existing ones. Hello World have turned inline gamification into an art form, delivering targeted, dynamic, real-time gamification campaigns to well-known brands. Using a wide variety of tactics, their campaigns are proven to generate heightened user-engagement and deliver powerful results for organisations such as Olay and Bare Essentials.

With so many exciting and innovative technologies hitting the market every day, it really is impossible to keep up with every one of them. These are just a few of the great ideas that are gaining serious traction in their niches. While these might not be household names, each has played a significant part in reshaping their chosen nook.

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