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British success and innovation prove attractive to investors joining Zenos Cars equity crowdfunding round

British sports car brand Zenos has attracted a broad range of investors, since launching an equity crowdfunding campaign earlier this month. Investors have been drawn to the brand’s British identity and heritage, innovative engineering, customer focus and strong business model.

Zenos chose Seedrs, the UK’s No.1 equity crowdfunding platform for its planned £750,000 funding round, in order to accelerate development of its next models. The funding will enable the home grown sports car company to introduce next-generation products that build on the strengths of its first production models and appeal to an even wider customer demographic.

Zenos is fast on the road to becoming a UK success story. Production began in January 2015 and the factory is already running at full current capacity to meet demand, which has exceeded the company’s ambitious forecasts.

The cars Zenos produces are 100% British-designed, British-supplied and British-built by a vastly experienced team whose collective CV includes global brands McLaren, Tesla, Nissan, Lotus, Ford, Caterham and F1 teams. Its three-model range of sports cars have international appeal and sell to customers in nine countries including the US, China and Japan.

Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Zenos Cars, said: “Zenos represents the very best of British ingenuity, creativity and manufacturing ability. Our unique formula has resulted in one of the most distinctive, capable and thoroughly engineered lightweight sports cars available today – yet one of the most accessible. Our next models will retain this ethos, while adding broader appeal to drivers and passengers alike. Our crowdfunding round gives investors the chance to own shares in a world-class high-performance sports brand from as little as £10.”

Zenos was established in 2012 after its founders saw a gap in the market for sports cars that combine high performance with lower buying and owning costs. The company has approached the business in a unique way, using innovative solutions to ensure that its all-new products meet its demanding criteria and placing the customer at the centre of everything it does.

To date, more than £3 million has been invested in Zenos Cars, which has a full order bank throughout the summer and expects to sell 50% more cars in 2016 than in 2015. A three-model line-up has been part of the company’s plans since its inception, and the economies of scale achieved with the expanded product offering are expected to raise margins by eight percentage points. It is forecast that by 2019 sales will increase by 400%.

Tom Davies, Chief Investment Officer of Seedrs, added: “A British sports car manufacturer that employs innovation to deliver a better customer experience was always going to be appealing proposition. We are delighted to have Zenos fundraising on Seedrs and we look forward to seeing the brand bring its next range of ground-breaking sports cars to market.”

Zenos sports cars are ‘clean-sheet’ designs, created to provide excellent performance with plentiful cabin space, low running costs and an invigorating experience that can be enjoyed both by drivers and passengers. Its range includes the E10, turbocharged E10 S and 350 bhp E10 R, which can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds.

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